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Get 10% OFF your custom framing by personally designing it using Framing Studio.


Choose your own mat colors and frames in the comfort of your home with Framing Studio powered by Larson-Juhl.

Framing Studio is user-friendly. Nevertheless, a step-by-step guide is provided below.

How to use Framing Studio:

1.  Begin by clicking Framing Studio or the button above and you'll be redirected.

2.  Click Browse to upload an image from your computer or mobile device. If you are framing an actual painting or print, snap a picture and upload the image.

3.  Click whether framing a paper or canvas material.

4.  Enter the width (in inches) of the piece you're framing or the desired print size if it's digital. Click Upload.

5.  Next. Click the Mat tab. Skip to step no.10 if you don't wish to add mats.

6.  Choose between 1 mat or 2 mats. Pick the color of mats you want to use.

7.  Choose if you want to add fillets. Fillets are wooden trims used in place of a second mat.

8.  Move the sliders to the desired mat width.

9.  IF you choose to use single mat and/or single mat with a fillet, you may proceed to the Frames tab. IF you choose 2 mats, select a bottom mat and tick the bevel box for both top and bottom mats. (Note: some mats have white core and some have colored core. Colored core will not be visible on the screen). Move the sliders to the desired mat width. After doing so, you may then proceed to the Frames tab.

10. In the Frames Tab, you can narrow down the frames selection by using the drop-down menu for Color, Style, Width and Collection. Select the desired frame. (Note. You may also stack frames together by clicking "stack frames" button. Ideally when stacking frames, select a thicker moulding for your outermost frame).

11. You now have a digital version of your own customized framing. Click the Wall Color tab to have an even better visualization of your frame against the wall where you're hanging the piece.

12. Satisfied with your design? Click the email tab and send to Provide your email address and we will email you a quote. Please allow 1-2 days for a reply.

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